You are pregnant

Currently, more than a third of women in France smoke, and 20% of women continue smoking right up until the last trimester of their pregnancy. And yet there is widespread agreement about the dangers of...


Throughout pregnancy, maintaining a good diet ensures that your baby grows and develops properly. You should not necessarily eat for two… just eat better!


All too often, future mothers get very little rest at night. Get our tips for tackling tiredness and getting a good night’s sleep!


Each of your baby's 5 senses develops during pregnancy, one after the other, enabling him to gradually establish contact with the outside world.


Congratulations! You’re pregnant and the great miracle of life has started inside you!


During the nine months of your pregnancy, you will receive a great deal of attention from the medical profession.


During the nine months of your pregnancy, you will experience many changes all over your body.


Even though the discomforts that accompany a pregnancy can be very annoying, most of them are completely benign and are not cause for concern.


Contrary to what most people would tell you, physical exercise and pregnancy are not incompatible. In fact, regular exercise is very good for your health when you are pregnant. - Contrary to popular...