Carrying your baby


After 9 months safely stowed away in your tummy, your baby has a vital need for contact with you after birth. By carrying him against you - holding him in place with a scarf or a baby carrier - you will help him gently discover the new world he has arrived in. Warm and safe against your heart, he'll be surrounded by soothing sensations that will remind him of life in the womb: he'll be able to smell you, feel your heartbeat and he'll be rocked by gentle movements as you walk. He can fall asleep or even breastfeed whenever he wants.


There will be many opportunities to carry him: when you go for a walk, go shopping or go out in town... as well as around the house to soothe him, send him to sleep or just while you go about your daily tasks so you can remain close to him. Carry him as much as you want to, and as much as he wants to be carried... and don't be afraid of getting him into bad habits: pressed against your body, your newborn baby will gradually become more confident, and start to trust the world around him. This is the best way to help him become more independent!


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