Going back to work after having your baby


Your baby was born a few months ago and your maternity leave will soon be over. Out of choice or out of necessity, you are soon going to have to go back to work. After this long period of living almost symbiotically with your baby, this is a difficult step for many young mothers – even for those who are happy to get back to work.

To get through this period with as much peace of mind as possible, get organized early on so that you can arrange to have your baby looked after in the way that best suits you: in some areas, you will need to start looking for a nursery or the ideal nanny soon as you find out that you are pregnant! Once you have sorted this out, try not to over-dramatize the situation and don't feel guilty: after this period of transition, your baby will definitely be very happy with the person who ends up looking after him, particularly if he feels that his mother has no qualms about leaving him. And you will be overjoyed when you pick him up in the evening for a long cuddle session…

Get our tips on deciding what arrangements to make for having your baby looked after and tackling separation anxiety!


> Deciding what arrangements to make for having your baby looked after

> Preparing your baby



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