Your baby's sleep - expert dossier


Sleep is essential at all stages of life and is particularly important for children: as well as helping them get over their tiredness, it plays a key role in helping their brains to mature and in physical and mental development. It is also important for parents that their baby sleeps: although perfectly natural, the night-time interruptions of the first few months are incredibly tiring and all parents eagerly await the time when their child can sleep through the night. Learn how to better understand your baby's sleep, get our tips on how to have peaceful nights and find out what our sleep experts think.

> The characteristics of babies' sleep
> Practical advice for a good night’s sleep
> Children's sleep requirements, by Marie-Josèphe Challamel, paediatrician and researcher
> Sleep disorders in young children, by Dr. Lyliane Nemet-Pier, clinical psychologist
> Getting your baby to sleep, by Sophie Transler, paediatric nurse



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