Activity ideas for your baby aged between 12 and 24 months


In their second year, your baby is going to start making tremendous progress. In just a few months, they will learn how to walk and speak, while improving their fine motor skills and their ability to understand. All these new abilities will mean that they can play more complex games with you than before – leaving them immensely proud and feeling very grown-up! Discover some of our activity ideas that you can try out for helping them to develop and enabling you to share some moments of closeness with them.


> From one year: my own closet
> From one year: oh animals!
> From 15 months: at the swimming pool
> From 15 months: goodnight, friends
> From 18 months: tackling the staircase
> From 18 months: like a money box
> From 21 months: let's walk in rhythm
> From 21 months: finger painting
> From 2 years: obstacle course


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