Discomfort during pregnancy


Heartburn and acid reflux are very common during the first trimester. They are particularly intense when you have just finished a meal, are lying down, or lean forward. Once again, hormones are the cause: by reducing gastric activity, they prolong digestion. Toward the end of the pregnancy, the pressure of the uterus on your stomach will intensify the problem. Stomach acid tends to rise up as far as the throat, causing a painful burning sensation.

The following habits can help you limit heartburn:

  • Eat dinner early in the evening so that the meal is mostly digested before bedtime.
  • Eliminate acidic foods (pickles, vinegar, lemon etc.) or fatty foods (cheese, sauces, fried foods etc.), spices and all other strong flavorings, as well as coffee.
  • Include a starch with each meal to “coat” your stomach.
  • At night, prop yourself up in bed to avoid acid reflux.
  • Finally, if the heartburn is too uncomfortable, tell your doctor: he or she may prescribe medication to alleviate it.



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