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Three main ultrasounds are conducted during pregnancy:

  • The first takes place between the 9th and 12th weeks of pregnancy (or between the 11th and 14th week from the last menstrual period).The ultrasound determines the precise fetal age and the number of fetuses you’re carrying, checks the baby’s vital signs and detects any abnormalities.
  • Also called an “anatomy scan,” this second ultrasound is performed between the 19th and 21st weeks of pregnancy. All of your baby’s organs will be measured and closely examined to evaluate fetal growth and look for any problems. The ultrasound will examine the blood flow in your uterine arteries and umbilical cord and locate your placenta. This is also the time when you can find out your baby’s sex, if you wish.
  • Finally, the third ultrasound takes place between the 29th and 31st weeks of pregnancy. Your doctor will again examine the fetal organs to make sure your baby is growing appropriately and that there are no abnormalities.S/he will check your baby’s position in preparation for childbirth.



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