Your baby’s early musical awakening

Children and music, it’s a great love story... Even before they are born, babies are sensitive to the sounds that reach them. And from the youngest age, and throughout their development, music is a vector of pleasure and sensory awakening. Find out how the world of sound can benefit your little one’s development!

Discover the baby gym

Baby gyms are a great way for children aged six months to six years to develop their motor and social skills by crawling, rolling, slipping, jumping and running - in other words, having fun! And for you, it’s a perfect opportunity to play games and enjoy yourself with your little one!

Your baby at six months

Already half a year has passed since you gave birth to your little bundle of fun. Within just six months, your fragile newborn has been transformed into a happy and chatty baby who is curious about the world around them. Make the most of this cheerful, endearing period, when everything will make your baby want to smile, shout, discover and experiment.

Baby massage: a tender bonding moment

A great source of well-being and relaxation for your baby, massage can be practised from birth onwards and has numerous beneficial effects. It is also a lovely moment of tenderness and sensorial exchange with your little one, which will reinforce the bond between you. Don’t hesitate and make a start!