First trip to the mountains

Winter is nearly here and perhaps you’re dreaming of a family holiday in the snow. But is baby prepared for the mountains? It’s an environment that offers lots of exciting discoveries for a young child, but also some specific climatic characteristics, with less oxygen, drier and colder air, lower atmospheric pressure and harsher sunlight. An update on what precautions to take and rules to follow for a safe and enjoyable time!

Portrait of a paediatric nurse

Paediatric nurses specialise in young children and play an essential role in prevention and providing support for new parents. Christelle Clotz, a paediatric nurse who manages a centre specialising in maternal and child welfare, talks about her work and day-to-day experience.

A tranquil delivery thanks to sophrology

Sophrology is more usually spoken of as a method of relaxation. But did you know that this technique also has a proven record in preparing mothers-to-be for the birth? Join us in discovering the principles of a discipline based on self-confidence and relaxation that fosters a calm approach to pregnancy and the delivery.

Portrait of a midwife

The role of midwives is still not well known but is not limited to the moment of birth: in fact, they support women from pregnancy until after the baby arrives, providing both medical and emotional care to future and new mums. Midwife Claudia Viegas talks to us about her job.

Haptonomy, or the art of affective touch

Find out more about haptonomy, an increasingly popular technique that helps to build the affective relationship between the parents and their future baby.