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SAFETY for expectant mothers and their babies: a PRIORITY for Mustela.
To ensure that its formulas are absolutely safe, Mustela uses independent toxicological experts.


The Expert's opinion

How would you rate the safety of the formulas in the Mustela Maternité range?



2_securite_efficaciteThe safety of a finished cosmetics product is assessed, together with any impacts it may have on people's health. This assessment takes the following in particular into account:

- The general toxicological profile of the ingredients, their chemical structure and their level of exposure
- The specific characteristics of the areas of the body to which the product will be applied and the groups of people for which it is intended

For this Mustela Maternité range, Expanscience implemented a process beforehand – in consultation with the expert – for selecting the ingredients to be used in each formula and excluding others so as to ensure their quality and avoid any risks for babies.

The criteria that were taken into account included the following in particular :

- Bibliographic data and expert committee opinions,
- Toxicological profile of the ingredient (chemical structure, tests conducted by suppliers, internal data, etc.),
- Analytical composition, analytical and microbiological quality,
- Cosmetovigilance data: priority given to using ingredients for which marketing history in finished products was available.

The potential for the various ingredients to interact together was also assessed.



In order to ensure the safety of pregnant women and their future babies, the following ingredients have been excluded:

- Parabens, phenoxyethanol
- Halogenated derivatives (Chlorphenesin and Triclosa, for example, which can be irritants and cause allergies)
- Alcohol, which when used as a solvent helps substances to be absorbed into the skin
- Essential oils which can be irritants and cause allergies



In vitro(1) and clinical testing (specific assessment of these cosmetics products in the Mustela Maternité range intended for pregnant or breastfeeding women) were carried out in order to ensure excellent local tolerance.


MUSTELA MATERNITÉ is a range that has been specifically formulated to guarantee safety for expectant mothers and their babies:

- Ingredients are rigorously selected
- Controversial substances are excluded
- The number of ingredients used is kept to a minimum
- Excellent tolerance


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(1)In accordance with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) laid down in Article L.5131-5 of the CSP.

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