Avocado perseose®

In order to preserve the unique cellular wealth of babies' skin, Mustela has extracted a natural biomimetic active ingredient from avocado which works in perfect affinity with skin, for optimum efficacy and tolerance.


In the world of dermo-cosmetics, biomimicry is the word used to describe an active ingredient which mimics nature in the way in which it is structured or the way in which it operates. Biomimetic active ingredients work in perfect harmony with skin and have remarkably high levels of efficacy and tolerance – that only nature can provide.


Mustela has always looked to the plant world to source the main active ingredients that make up its products. In order to protect the precious wealth of cells in babies' skin, Mustela researchers working at Laboratoires Expanscience have selected the avocado from among dozens of other plants. Using their unique expertise, they have succeeded in identifying molecules that are extremely rare in nature – molecules whose role is to aid the fruit as it grows and matures. These molecules have been extracted, purified and concentrated and have yielded a patented natural active ingredient: Avocado perseose®.



Unique dermatological benefits

Avocado perseose® perfectly meets the requirements of babies' skin starting when they are born and its efficacy has been scientifically proven:

  • It aids the development of the skin's barrier function, stepping up production of a number of its key elements (proteins and lipids).
  • It preserves its wealth of cells, functioning as a shield and protecting the cutaneous cells from the outside environment.

Clinically tested, Avocado perseose® is one of a new generation of biomimetic active ingredients: natural active ingredients that are able to act in perfect affinity with a baby's skin, thus combining maximum tolerance with targeted efficacy.


New-generation protection for your baby's skin

Mustela has chosen Avocado perseose® for all of its outstanding qualities to be incorporated into its new Mustela Bébé formula. This means that whenever you use one of our products, you are protecting the cellular wealth of your baby's skin, harmoniously aiding its development, both now and in the future.

A safe active ingredient that does not harm the environment
For Mustela, protecting a baby's skin is inextricably intertwined with protecting nature: all Mustela products have been designed so as to minimize the impact that they have on the environment. In line with this approach, Avocado perseose® is produced in a safe and responsible way:

  • From a regulated pharmaceutical sector that is committed to promoting biodiversity, the avocados that Mustela uses are grown in accordance with good environmental practices and come with traceability guarantees.
Clinically-proven efficacy
80% of original cell markers are protected by Avocado perseose® during exposure to the strongest external stresses.




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