Unique dermatological expertise

Mustela has specialized in skincare products for babies for more than 60 years, carrying out new research in an on-going effort to better understand the needs of the delicate skin of babies. Drawing on this unique expertise that it is evident through  new discoveries, Mustela can provide all babies and their mothers with with increasingly effective, safe and natural care.


Better understand so as to better protect

The Mustela researchers at  Expanscience Laboratories all have a committed interest in baby's skin and regularly partner with renowned dermatology and paediatric specialists, particularly at national and international conferences.
By joining forces with the world's leading international experts, Mustela has been able to launch a new research program completely devoted to infants' skin in the first few days of life. For the first time, Mustela’s researchers have succeeded in synthesising newborn babies’ skin in a laboratory setting, examining it from its surface deep down to the cellular and genetic levels.

A precious wealth of cells that should be preserved

Mustela has made a major discovery: a baby’s skin has a wealth of original cells that are at their maximum strength at birth. However, they are extremely vulnerable during the first few years of life – the period during which the cutaneous barrier is being formed. These unique cells are fragile and precious: they ensure that the skin is able to regenerate and are responsible for maintaining its overall balance throughout life.

Fragile and immature skin that needs to be supported

Mustela has also carried out brand-new research into the barrier function of babies' skin starting at birth. The cutaneous barrier functions as a shield, protecting the body against attacks from the surrounding environment and ensuring that the skin remains properly hydrated. However, a baby’s skin is delicate and fragile and does not yet completely fulfil its function as a protective barrier.
Mustela’s researchers have found that it takes a number of years for the cutaneous barrier to mature properly. Up to the age of two, a child's skin is very vulnerable to day-to-day stresses from the external environment and is not yet able to keep the body properly hydrated. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that it be properly nourished and strengthened daily.

The best of science for babies' skin

Drawing on this detailed knowledge of babies' skin and its on-going work with healthcare professionals (pharmacists, dermatologists, paediatricians, toxicologists, allergy specialists and gynaecologists), Mustela has developed a range of specialized products that perfectly meet the requirements of babies’ skin, starting from birth.
Safe, effective and increasingly natural, Mustela’s products work with your baby's skin aiding and protecting it as it develops,  both now and for the future.



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