A story of emotion and innovation

For more than 60 years, Mustela has successfully developed products to nourish and protect both babies and their mothers throughout the world. Mustela products are able to trigger unique emotions with their pleasant aroma and have been proudly handed down from mother to child for more than three generations.

Mustela has always been a pioneer and constantly innovates and integrates the latest scientific breakthroughs to best meet the need sof new parents. Little by little, all of these minor revolutions have changed the daily lives of babies and their mothers, as new concepts, new formula, new textures and increasingly practical products and packages have been introduced. Internationally acknowledged, these innovations have resulted in 635 patents being registered by  Expanscience Laboratories throughout the world over the last 15 years.

Today, Mustela features around 50 products strengthening its unique dermatological expertise more powerfully than ever before. Innovative, safe, effective and increasingly natural, Mustela’s products protect babies’ skin – as well as the skin of new mothers – now and for the future.



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Discover the history of Mustela



Mustela's beginning

Paul Berthomé, father of the current chairman, joined forces with a pharmacist to create Expanscience Laboratories. After talking to mothers and researching the baby market, they realized there was no alternative to soap for baby skincare. As soap can be harsh on the delicate skin of babies, they saw an opportunity to develop a "2-in-1" soap-free product with both cleansing properties and softening qualities. It was the first cleansing lotion specifically designed for babies in Europe: A complete revolution at the time!







Creation of the first range of baby sun care products
Babies have delicate skin and therefore need special protection against the sun. Mustela developed the first range of sun protection specially formulated for babies' skin.





Launch of Mustela Women's Range
Mustela developed a range of skincare specifically formulated for the changing skin of new and expectant mothers.


The Mustela Foundation is created
Created under the support of the Fondation de France, the Mustela Foundation encourages research into child development.


Launch of the first 2-in-1 Hair and Body Wash
Mustela launched the first version of one of our most popular products today, making caring for the delicate skin of babies more convenient.





Launch of Diaper Cream
Mustela developed a diaper cream specially formulated to treat and prevent diaper rash.


Launch of the first Diaper Wipes
Mustela created its first version of this popular product to offer mothers a practical solution for on-the-go cleansing.


Launch of the Mustela 9 Months range
The Mustela 9 Months range was the first complete range of products for new and expectant mothers, offering specially formulated products to ensure skin stays beautiful throughout pregnancy.









Launch of Dermo-Cleansing Gel
This soap-free cleanser was launched especially for newborns and is now the most popular product in maternity units in France.


Launch of PhysiObébé
An innovative new way to cleanse skin: this no-rinse cleansing fluid for babies was awarded the Prize for Innovation by the JPMA association in the US (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association).








Launch of the Mustela Dermo-Pediatrics Range
Specifically designed for skin problems in babies and children, this range of specialist products started with the STELATOPIA® Moisturizing Cream, which replenishes the lipids in dry atopic-prone skin.


Launch of Mustela Bébé massage oil
Designed to provide babies and their mothers with relaxation and moments of tenderness together, this massage oil was awarded the 2003 Cosmétique Magazine's Oscar.













Launch of the first PhysiObébé Facial Cleansing Cloths
One of the most popular products today, Facial Cleansing Cloths offered mothers a one step cleansing product.


Launch of STELACTIV® – for moderate to severe diaper rash
With its innovative new formula, this product neutralizes the enzymes that trigger diaper rash, puts a stop to microbial growth and quickly regenerates the skin.


Launch of the STELAPROTECT® range
The range of Mustela Demo-Paediatrics products was the first range dedicated to intolerant and easily irritated babies' and children's' skin.









Launch of new Mustela 9 Months products
The new Mustela 9 Months range featured a wider variety of skincare specially formulated for the fraglile skin of new and expectant mothers


Mustela celebrates its 60th birthday
60 years of expertise and innovation in skincare for mothers and babies. Over this time, Mustela has continued to evolve to meet the needs of both mothers and healthcare professionals, integrating the very latest scientific breakthroughs in its products.



Mustela Bébé is reinventing its products
After 10 years of research, Mustela’s specialists have discovered something incredible. Despite being very fragile, a baby's skin contains a wealth of original cells – known as "mother cells" – in larger numbers than ever expected. However, this wealth of cells that remain unique throughout life are also extremely vulnerable to the stresses of the outside environment.
To protect this wealth of skin cells, Mustela is reinventing its Mustela Bébé products and has developed a range with new formulas that are more natural and enriched with a patented active ingredient – Avocado Perseose®. With its natural, biomimetic properties, this new-generation active ingredient works in perfect harmony with the skin, safeguarding its wealth of cells and strengthening the cutaneous barrier in babies. Once again, Mustela is leading a revolution in skincare products for babies.