Expert skincare

Thanks to its unique expertise in babies' skin, Mustela’s products are safe, effective and increasingly natural, protecting your baby's skin and helping it develop everyday.


    Care for new and expecting mothers - Mustela Maternity

    To help preserve the beauty of your skin and enable you to fully enjoy your pregnancy, Mustela Maternity features the first complete range of products specially designed for the skin of new and expectant mothers.


    Normal Skin - Normal Skin

    In order to preserve the wealth of cells in your baby's skin, Mustela Bébé reinvented its products with new, increasingly natural formula, all enriched with Avocado perseose®.

  • Dry skin - Gamme Sous cat

    Expert products specially designed to meet the needs of atopic skin.

  • Atopic skin - Atopic-prone skin

    Developed alongside paediatricians and dermatologists, Mustela’s Demo-pediatric products have been specially designed to meet the needs of problem skin in babies and children.

  • Musti® Eau de soin - Musti® Eau de soin

  • Diaper change - Normal Skin

    To keep your baby's little bottom healthy and soft, their diaper needs to be changed up to 8 times a day.

  • Sun care for babies and children - Mustela Sun Care

    Mustela’s new range of suncare products are high-tolerance and hypoallergenic. They provide your baby with effective protection against UVA and UVB rays, without damaging their delicate skin.