Di balik Laboratorium Expanscience

In 2016, Expanscience – a French independently-owned pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetics laboratory – generated turnover of €274.7 million, 54.3% of which was through exports, and employed 1044 people.

Over more than 60 years, the company has built up a solid international reputation as an innovator and as a specialist in skin and the treatment of osteoarthritis.  Its products, which include two leading brands – Piasclédine 300 and Mustela – are sold in more than 100 countries (90 distributing countries and 14 subsidiaries). Expanscience develops and also sells natural-origin active ingredients for use in cosmetics, both in France and abroad.

Helping people to remain in good health – to retain their mobility and keep their skin healthy – has always been central to the group's growth strategy.

Driven by its desire to support healthcare professionals in their prevention and advisory work, and in their role of keeping people informed, Laboratoires Expanscience have set up numerous initiatives designed to keep patients and consumers educated and informed, and enable them to share their experiences.

The whole value chain is integrated into the company – from research through to production and distribution. Its cutting-edge research, which is focused on cartilage and the skin's barrier functions, has resulted in 892 patents being registered throughout the world. The group's production facilities are located in Epernon at an ISO 14001-certified site, and are designed to have minimum impact on people and the environment. Expanscience's commitment to ensuring high levels of quality and manufacturing its products in France are central to the influence that it has at international level.

Since 2004, Laboratoires Expanscience has adopted a Corporate Social Responsibility approach. This is a policy whereby raw plant matter supplies are sourced in ways that do not harm the farmers and the countries that produce them, and a more environmentally-friendly approach to product design is adopted.

Expanscience is the first pharmaceutical and cosmetics laboratory whose contribution to sustainable development has been recognised as exemplary by the AFAQ 26000 assessment since 2013.

Laboratoires Expanscience in figures

•        Date created: 1950

•        2016 turnover: €274.7 M 

•        90 distributing countries

•        14 subsidiaries

•        1044 employees

•        71 million products manufactured in 2016

•        Activities: Dermo-Cosmetics, Dermatology, Rheumatology, Cosmetic active ingredients

More information: www.expanscience.com




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